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UNIT # 69

Small business correspondence

Algunas personas deciden comenzar un negocio unipersonal (sole trader o sole proprietor) y otras prefieren asociarse a emprendimientos comerciales (ventures).

Cualquiera sea la alternativa que elijas debes tener en cuenta que comenzar un negocio, por pequeño que éste sea, requiere intensa planificación y paciencia. Lee por ejemplo los comentarios textuales de cuatro comerciantes –  muy exitosos en la actualidad – que describen algunos de los sacrificios que debieron asumir al iniciar su propio negocio:

"I had to sell my house in order to get enough money to start the business. So that meant spending the next three years living in a caravan".

"At the beginning it was eighteen hours of work a day, seven days a week. It was a total commitment of not just myself but of the whole family".

"I'm earning less than half of my previous salary after 18 months in business".

"When I started, my three kids were in school and I had to mortgage our home and put every cent I had into the business. Then some friends decided to put their money in as well".

An announcement >> A letter

Este es un anuncio para atraer inversionistas para un nuevo emprendimiento comercial:

Y aquí tienes la carta de un lector que se presenta como un potencial interesado en este emprendimiento:


Dear Sir,


As a potential investor, I wish to enquire about different aspects of your new whisky venture. I would be particularly grateful if you could answer the following questions:

1. How much does a bond cost? What are the maximum and minimum investments and how can payment be arranged?

2. How old will the whisky be, and when will I receive delivery? What will the market value of my investment be?

3. What further costs are involved in becoming a bondholder? Do investors pay for customs, storage, insurance, VAT and transport or is this included in the price of a bond?

4. What guarantees are you offering that these bonds will be redeemed? What protection do you offer in the event that your venture is not successful?

I look forward to receiving your answers to the above questions and hope that I will soon be taking the opportunity to become one of your bondholders.

Yours faithfully,


Salvador Montero Guerra





Marcos Valenzuela, dueño de un pequeño emprendimiento en Buenos AIres, describe sus comienzos. Lee atentamente sus comentarios y completa el texto con las alternativas verbales más adecuadas.

"At the beginning we that we would need to invest 25,000 dollars to set up the business. We were able to raise part of the capital by a house that we owned. We then with the local branch of the bank and they to give us a loan of 5,000 dollars. We then to our current building near Palermo Hollywood. We did this mainly because the rent of 2,000 dollars a month much cheaper than in Recoleta. Since the building was brand new we didn't need to money on it. At the moment we a five-year agreement which we are hoping to ".


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