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UNIT # 52 (continued)

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Aquí van los tres primeros chistes:

The Crocodile

There was this man. He came off his holidays from India. He brought this crocodile with him, you see. And he's going round the corner, taking it for a walk, and this policeman stops him.

He says: "Hey! What are you doing with the crocodile? You should take that to the zoo."
He says: "AIl right. I'II take it."
Next day, he sees him walking round the corner with that crocodile again. So the policeman says: "I thought I told you to take that to the zoo."
He says: "I have. Now I'm taking it to the pictures."


An American tourist was travelling by train in England. An Englishman was sitting opposite him, and they were talking about England and the United States.

The American said: "In Texas, you can get on a train, travel for twenty-four hours, and still be in Texas."
The Englishman then added: "We have trains like that in England too."

Practising Grammar

An Argentine teacher was practising English grammar with her class. She had this conversation with one of the children.

Teacher: Mary, give me a sentence beginning with "I".
Mary: Er ... "I is—"
Teacher: No, no, no.
Mary: What's the matter, Miss?
Teacher: You said: "I is." You should have said: "I am."
Mary: Sorry, Miss.
Teacher: Start again.
Mary: "I am the ninth letter of the alphabet."

Y aquí tienes un chiste más extenso, con mayor desarrollo estructural que incluye un carta:

A Guest with a Dog

Hotel managers sometimes have problems with their guests. Not all guests are pleasant people, and some have bad habits: they fall asleep with cigarettes in their hands and burn their beds; they steal towels from their rooms; they pay their bills with bad cheques.

There was a hotel manager in England who had all those problems with his guests. One day he received a letter. It was from a woman who wanted to book a room at the hotel. She wrote: "I would like to bring my dog with me. Do you accept dogs at your hotel?"

This was the manager's answer:


Dear Mrs Bolton,


I have been a hotel manager for thirty years, and I have never had any problems with dogs.

Dogs have never fallen asleep with cigarettes in their hands and burnt their beds.

Dogs have never stolen towels from their rooms.

Dogs have never paid their bills with bad cheques.

Your dog will be welcome.

Yours sincerely,

O. M. Burlington
General Manager


If your dog promises that you will not cause any problems, you will be welcome too.




En esta actividad tienes el último chiste de esta unidad. Como en todos los escritos, el manejo cuidadoso de conectores y preposiciones es de vital importancia. Completa entonces este chiste con las palabras adecuadas.


A gorilla walked a pub, put a £20 note the bar, and asked a glass beer.

The barman gave the gorilla the beer, and took the £20 note. He thought: "The gorilla is probably stupid. I won't give him any change." he didn't give the gorilla any change.

He wanted to appear friendly, , so he started talking to the gorilla. He said: "Gorillas don't come in here very often."

"That doesn't surprise me ," said the gorilla. "The beer's too expensive."


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