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UNIT # 47 (continued)

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Three successful cases

Analizaremos aquí tres casos exitosos. Se trata de las cartas o solicitudes de empleo que tres postulantes enviaron a una misma empresa por un mismo aviso. Cabe destacar que estas personas fueron short-listed, es decir, pasaron a integrar la reducida lista de postulantes pre-seleccionados.

Pero antes lee el contenido del aviso publicado:

TRANSLATOR to work in Switzerland

An opportunity has arisen for a translator to work for a major Pharmaceutical Company in Geneva. The work will involve translation of a wide variety of medical, pharmaceutical and scientific texts from French and German into English. A certain amount of financial and commercial translation is also required. The successful applicant will be a qualified and experienced translator with an impeccable command of English and a sound knowledge of German and French. At least two years' experience in scientific translation is necessary. The successful applicant will be flexible and versatile. Only candidates between the ages of 25 and 35 should apply. A high basic salary plus twice-yearly bonus will be paid and the company provides excellent social, welfare and working conditions. Short-listed candidates will be required to take a translation test and to attend an interview which will be held in London. Application should be by letter only addressed to: The Personnel Officer, Swiss Medico Ltd, PO Box 1990, Geneva, Switzerland.

Y estas son las tres cartas arriba mencionadas. En cada caso, estudia la distribución (lay-out), observa donde se han ubicado las fechas y las direcciones, y analiza el lenguaje utilizado al redactarlas.

Cover letter # 1


10 Winchester Avenue,
Coldharbour, Essex.

The Personnel Officer,
Swiss Medico Ltd,
PO Box 1990, Geneva,



July 15, 2007

Dear Sir,


      With reference to your advertisement in the 'Daily Globe' I should like to apply for the position of translator with your company.
      I have worked as a translator for the past five years with Tom Simerman & Sons, Ltd, Manufacturers of Scientific Instruments, translating texts and orders from French, German and Spanish into English.
      Before working for my present company I lived in France, where I was educated, and I hold a degree in German and Spanish from the University of Paris. My father is French and my mother English so I am bi-lingual in these two languages.
      I am 28 years old, unmarried and without ties. I enjoy living and working in different countries and I should welcome the chance of moving to Switzerland.

                             Yours faithfully,


                             (Miss) Jennifer Dupont


Cover letter # 2


Imermanstrasse 5,
1603 Seelzel,
West Germany.

The Personnel Officer,
Swiss Medico Ltd,
PO Box 1990,
Geneva, Switzerland.



July 15, 2007

Dear Sir,


I should like to apply for the position of translator as advertised in yesterday's 'Daily Globe'.

I have spent the last three years in Germany as the translator at the Solid State Technology Center, Frankfurt, where I translate a wide variety of scientific texts from German and French into English. Before moving to Germany, I worked for five years as a translator and research assistant in the Linguistics Department of Dunstans College, University of London. My work involved translating French and German texts into English in connection with the compilation of a Scientific Dictionary.

I am 30 years old, married with two children. I was educated at Eton and took a degree in French and German at London University. I also hold a translator's certificate of the Institute of Linguists.

If I am short-listed, both Dunstans College and my present employers would be pleased to supply you with references.

Yours faithfully,


Peter Simmons


Cover letter # 3


21 Under Road,

The Personnel Officer,
Swiss Medico Ltd,
PO Box 1990,
Geneva, Switzerland.


July 16, 2007


Dear Sir,




      I have seen your advertisement in the 'Daily Globe' and I should like to apply for the position.
      I am at present employed as a translator in a medical research organisation and also act as interpreter there. I joined this organisation two years ago.
      I am 26 years old and single. I read French and German at Howland College, Cambridge and stayed there to take my Ph.D. in the dialects of North-East France.
      I should be interested in working for your company for two reasons: firstly, I should like to live abroad and secondly, the work would involve medical/scientific translation which is my particular field.
       I shall look forward to hearing from you.
       Yours faithfully,

       Rupert Johnson


En estas cartas los postulantes han facilitado la mayor parte de la información solicitada; por ello, estas cartas son algo extensas. Sin embargo, a veces los empleadores requieren que se presente un CV o se complete un formulario. (Puedes ver uno de estos formularios en la Unidad 46).

Pulsa aquí si deseas ampliar tus conocimientos sobre cover letters en nuestra web

En la última parte de esta unidad estudiarás las solicitudes breves (brief cover letters) que van acompañadas de un currículo.

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