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UNIT # 51 (continued)

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Letters to the media

Iniciaremos este "desfile" de cartas con dos ejemplos de dos lectores que – basándose en una misma noticia – escriben para desaprobar los contenidos. Cabe destacar que aunque el mensaje de ambas cartas es semejante en lo que respecta a su contenido, la relación autor-lector no es la misma.

Formal letter

El autor de esta primera carta (formal letter) utiliza una redacción impersonal y trata a su lector con una aparente muestra de respeto imponiendo cierta distancia:


Dear Sir,


I read your article in Friday's Buenos Aires Times with amazement. I'm afraid that if, as your article would seem to suggest, you are seriously proposing that the bullock and human muscle power be re-introduced as farming methods, the proposal cannot be given any serious consideration.

There can be no doubt that bullocks do in fact permit savings in fuel and fertiliser, as well as being non-pollutant, cheap and contributing to soil quality.

However, it would surely not be called progress to force men to return to back-breaking labour, nor would anyone these days be prepared to undertake this kind of work. And I also have strong reservations as to the bullock's productivity in comparison with that of a tractor.

I fear that your proposal can only lead to hard work, poor productivity and more imports, a situation I fail to see any advantage in.

I remain,


Yours faithfully,


Milton Rainier
Burgos 1830
1425 Buenos Aires
(5411) 4821-3618


Informal letter

El autor de esta segunda carta (informal letter) es mucho más directo, abierto y franco que el anterior y es evidente que se dirige a un público diferente:


Dear Sir,


When I read your article the other day I was horrified. Are you seriously suggesting we should start farming with bullocks and human muscle power again? With all respect, you must be out of your tiny mind.

Yes, I`m sure we'd save on fuel and fertilisers, and sure that bullocks are cheap and good for the soil and don`t pollute either, but do you  really think you can make people do back-breaking work again and call that progress? And, anyway, who do you think you'd find these days willing to do work like that? Not me, for one!

I'd like to know, too, just how productive a bullock is. How many fields can it plough in a day? Not half as many as a tractor. I bet!

Apparently you'd be quite happy to send us back to the fields, but to produce less so we'd have to import more? What's the sense in all that?

Yours faithfully,


Carlo Pontino
Belgrano 125
3115 Santa Fe
(5411) 3811-2509


¿Has observado la gran diferencia entre ambas cartas? Interesante, ¿verdad? Y ahora nos dedicaremos al último ejemplo:

Putting something right

La semana pasada, la autora de esta carta fue a la inauguración de una discoteca en su ciudad. Al día siguiente, en un diario local leyó una reseña descalificadora acerca de la discoteca. Expresando "las cosas tal como son", en su carta defiende al flamante local y explica sus puntos de vista:


Dear Sir,


I am writing to disagree with the opinions expressed by Rosie Gossiper in her review of the FireWall disco.

I do not think Ms Gossiper gave FireWall a fair chance. She must have got there too early. When my friends and I arrived, the place was bursting with an enthusiastic crowd of dancers, all enjoying the lively atmosphere.

Ms Gossiper complains about the music. She cannot have stayed long, or she would have heard the biggest hits from Europe and North and South America. They probably played just a few slow numbers before the dancers got warmed up.

Ms Gossiper also objects to the cost of refreshments. Admittedly this is high, but entrance charges are reasonable. You can have an enjoyable night out for less than the price of a trip to the cinema.

Altogether I think Ms Gossiper's report was unfair. She should not discourage people from trying FireWall for themselves. My friends and I can thoroughly recommend it, as we would have told her if she had spoken to us.

Yours faithfully,


Mirtha Muller
Reston 4215
Virginia, VA 31425




Para las dos actividades de esta unidad utilizaremos un titular imaginario de un periódico y dos cartas imaginarias (una descalificadora y otra aprobatoria) comentando el articulo que acompaña al titular.

[Gobierno autoriza continuidad de planta nuclear]

Lee atentamente la primera carta e intenta completarla adecuadamente con las palabras del menú.

Dear Sir,

It was with the dismay that I read yesterday of the Government decision to go with the construction of a nuclear power plant. I can see this decision as a great step backwards for mankind. Nowhere in the world anyone been able to guarantee the safety of nuclear plants or find an adequate method of disposing of nuclear waste. Yet the Government seems to be willing to its population to such risks.

I to say on behalf of my children and myself that we cannot accept this decision and we have no choice to register a strong protest against this decision. We hope that others will join us in this protest so that sufficient pressure is put on the Government to make think again and wisely change their minds.



Ahora lee atentamente la segunda carta e intenta completarla adecuadamente con las palabras del menú.

Dear Sir,

Congratulations! Congratulations to your newspaper for your hard-fought campaign and congratulations to the Government its decision to adopt nuclear power. This is one of the most sensible decisions this Government has .

Now at we can look forward a guaranteed supply of cheap energy with no worries about what happens the day coal and gas run out. delighted I am that people's unfounded and emotional fears have been overcome, our industry can look forward to a secure energy supply and that the man the street won't have to tolerate any restrictions on his personal consumption.


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