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UNIT # 48 (continued)

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La correspondencia con amigos de otros países ha sido durante mucho tiempo un medio popular de descubrir formas de vida diferentes de la propia y de practicar una lengua extranjera.

En esta página se muestran dos cartas: una dirigida a un servicio imaginario de amigos por correspondencia, y otra dirigida a un nuevo amigo. La primera le proporciona un ejemplo de carta formal y la segunda, de carta informal. Lee ambas cartas y, como en anteriores ejemplos de este curso, observa las diferentes normas que rigen la disposición y el estilo de lenguaje empleados en ellas.

Formal letter to a Pen-friend Service


PO Box 5318
Buenos Aires


April 29th, 2008

Universal Pen-friend Service
35 Wellington Avenue
Southern Valley, CA, 32015


Dear Sir/Madam,


I noticed your advertisement in the website 'OM Personal Multimedia English', and I am writing to you in the hope that you can find me a pen-friend.

The following is some information about myself:

I am Argentine, I am eighteen years old, and I am in my last year at school. Next year I will be beginning my studies at an Engineering College. I am interested in movies, computers, software and all kinds of music. I would like to correspond with English-speaking people in the United States or Canada.

I hope you can help me and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,


Roberto Castro Cisneros


Informal letter to a pen-friend


PO Box 5318
Buenos Aires


June 2nd, 2008

Dear Stephen,


        I got your name and address from the Universal Pen-friend Service in the United States.

        Let me tell you about myself: I am Argentine, I am 18, and I am in my last year at school. Next year I'm going to start my studies at an Engineering College. I'm interested in movies, computers, software and all kinds of music.

        Please write soon.

Best wishes,


Roberto Castro Cisneros




Intenta completar adecuadamente este email que Bernardo dirige a Marina, su nueva amiga epistolar. Selecciona del menú las alternativas correctas (preposiciones y conectores llevan color rojo).

Hello Marina,

My name's Bernardo and I'm Argentina. I in Cordoba, but we live Buenos Aires now. I live my parents, my and my brother and sister.

I'm twenty-two and I'm . I'm studying Technology. I'm in my third year university. When I finish my university course I'm going a job an engineer in an international company. That's why I English.

In my free time I sport. weekends I play basketball the university team. I also .

Please write soon and send a photo.

Best wishes,



Intenta completar ahora este breve texto seleccionando del menú las alternativas correctas.

OM Personal suggests that you now find some pen-friends in the English-speaking countries. all the pleasure you will get from your letters, you will be practising your English in a very real and interesting way.

how people live in the Anglo-Saxon world, you will broaden your horizons and, , you will make friendships that will be to you if you travel abroad one day.

There are several pen-friend organizations for school-children and young people. to do is to write to one of them sending your first name and last name and address, giving your age, sex and hobbies, and mentioning the languages you know the countries in which you would like to have a pen-friend.

add whether you would prefer a male or a female correspondent and indicate his/her approximate age.

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