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Choosing the right word (I)

ACTIVITY 94: For each group of sentences (A-to-D), choose the best alternative (noun or verb) from the menus. You can use the same word once only. Then check the answers.


A.  Some of the trees in this park were    two hundred years ago.

B.  The farmer first prepared the ground and then    the seeds. 

C.  They    as much fruit as they could before the autumn rains came.

D.  My great-grandparents kept chickens and pigs and    several fields.


A.  The local park has a special running    for joggers.

B.  The dogs followed the    of the fox but eventually lost it.

C.  The children reached the river by running along the narrow    through the fields.

D.  They live in a cottage at the end of a quiet    off the main road. 


A.  They own a weekend house    a famous nature reserve.

B.  My friend's been taken ill. Where's the    hospital?

C.  There's no garage here, but you'll find one in the    village.

D.  The thief hid the stolen bicycle behind some     bushes.


A.  The Parana river    into the sea north of Buenos Aires.

B.  The plane    from here to the capital once a day.

C.  At the start of the play, an old man slowly    the room and opens the door.

D.  When she hears the doorbell, she    excitedly to the window to see who it is.


A.  The lorry drove through the puddles and    the people at the side of the road.

B.  When the snow melted, the river    its banks. 

C.  The child dropped the stick in the river and watched as it    under the bridge.

D.  When he saw the end of the film, tears    down his face. 


Choosing the right word (II)

ACTIVITY 95: For each group of sentences (A-to-D or A-to-E), choose from the menus the best word for each definition. Then check the answers.


The word for ...

A.  the land at the side of a river is the  .

B.  the area of sand by the sea is the  .

C.  the place by the sea where people go on holiday is the  .

D.  the land along the edge of a lake or a sea is the  .

E.  the line on a map where land meets the sea is the  .


The word for ...

A.  the line where two countries meet is the  .

B.  the space on each side of a page of writing is the  .

C.  the limit of something, e.g. a table, a cliff, is the  .

D.  the limit of a sports field is the  .


The best word to describe what you see ...

A.  from a hotel window is  .

B.  from the top of a mountain, stretching in all directions is  .

C.  from a car or train when travelling through the countryside is  .

D.  in a painting or in a play is  .


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