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Talking about photos


In 5 steps below you are going to study how to express when talking about two photos. In Lesson 16, Mr. Grammar will explain more deeply about this part of Paper 5.


Look at these two photos.
Think about your first impression of each.


This is a photo of... and that's a photo of...

Think about what is happening in each photo.
Use these words and phrases to build up your ideas:


There are fewer people in the first photo than in the second.
There are people walking by in both photos.

There is a street vendor with things for sale.
A couple is walking hand in hand.
Another couple is walking with a kid.
A boy in a blue cap is taking a picture.

People are walking in opposite directions.
Everybody seems to be interested in that
highly reflective, bean-shaped sculpture.

Compare and contrast the two photos.
For example:


The city in Photo 1 must be nice to live in if you like a calm way of life, whereas the city in Photo 2 ...

This city is located in a mountainous area.
It looks quiet, but the city in Photo 2 ...
There aren't any skyscrapers in this city.
It has two-storeyed to five-storeyed houses.

This city is really big and has many skyscrapers.
It looks noisier than the city in Photo 1.

Guess where each photo was taken.
For example:


I think this photo was taken in ... because (of) ...
This photo must have been taken in ... because (of) ...

Say which city you would rather live in, and why.
For example:


I'd prefer to live in ... because (of) ...
This city would be nicer to live in because (of) ...

A mí me gustan las dos: la primera parece una tranquila ciudad europea y la segunda -tan moderna- parece norteamericana !!! 
En la última página de esta lección te espera una batería de ejercicios muy variada ...


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