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Reading & Use of English: Part 1
Multiple-choice lexical cloze (8 questions)

ACTIVITY 17: Read the text below, click on the gaps and decide which word best fits each gap. Then check the correct answers.

The Ford Model T
From the beginning Henry Ford fought with his financial backers. Their idea was to make automobiles to order and
the highest price possible for each car.

Ford wanted to find a way to mass produce cars and make them available to everyone. He began experimenting in order to find the simplest mechanism possible, something with the parts, that would be easy to repair. At the same time he wanted a car that was rugged and powerful. There should be nothing elegant about it; in fact, the uglier the . It must look to be no more than what it was: utilitarian.

Once he found the right
for such a car, Ford thought he could spend all his time and effort not on improving the car but rather on different methods of producing it. If he turned out the same car every year he could lower his costs and his price to the buyer. Eventually Ford was able to manufacture the car he wanted to. He called it the Model T.

Stockholders in his company began to
bitterly when they realized he planned to lower the price every year. The Model T went into production in 1909. Four years later the company was a thousand cars a day. In 1915 the one-millionth Model T came off the assembly line.


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