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Para que este curso AVANZADO DE NEGOCIOS resulte efectivo, cumple estos pasos: 


Lee aquí acerca de la interacción bilingüe de los textos, el audio y los símbolos que componen el curso.


Lee y escucha aquí a los integrantes de la empresa Harpers & Grant Ltd.


Lee aquí la historia de la empresa en la cual vas a trabajar durante 15 días.


Realiza todas las actividades de cada día de trabajo y consulta las respuestas.



Reading for Comprehension

In this first step, you will read carefully the presentation of this unit (phrasal verbs have been highlighted in yellow). A full glossary below will help you understand it better. To get information in Spanish, just place the arrow of your mouse on any highlighted word without clicking.

Much emphasis is placed by the mass media on Japan's economic success and on the growing Japanese presence in the world economy.
Two days after the official opening of the new factory extension, Mr. Grant read that a Japanese government office was moving to a new building in a few months. In addition, he was also informed that two Japanese private companies in expansion were in the process of building three big new office blocks near Tokyo.
It is important to point out that Hector Grant became really impressed with John Martin's performance in the Habrakan market. Therefore, he called him and suggested that he should travel to Japan this time.
The sales manager couldn't believe his ears and, of course, he wanted to get the order for Harper & Grant and furnish all the new offices with the brand new desk range, the Standfirm. And Mr. Grant wanted to capture, at least, that big contract to supply the bigger government office with their successful furniture range and accesories.
What is more, Harper & Grant also run an office design service, so as well as supplying furniture they could also plan the office layout for all those offices in Japan. And, if necessary they could subcontract to other firms.
However, as Ms. Tomomi Moriwake, a Japanese consultant, has just explained to Mr. Grant on the phone, it is not easy to do business with the Japanese unless you understand some basic aspects of their management and corporate culture.
Since Hector Grant wants the negotiations to go smoothly, he thinks it would be a good idea for John Martin to muster up and prepare himself for the long trip and attend a series of seminars on Japanese culture and management given by this consultant. So, Mr. Grant's secretary finally made a reservation for a first-class return flight to Tokyo, and asked John to send him an email summarising Ms. Moriwake's conversation.

mass media:
transmissions that are disseminated widely to the public (medios de comunicación masivos: prensa, televisión, radio, etc.);
in addition: furthermore (además);
to point out
: to remark (resaltar, destacar);
he couldn't believe his ears
: he couldn't believe the words he was listening to
(no podía creer lo que estaba escuchando);  
to furnish
: to provide with furniture
(equipar, amueblar)
design service
special service to assist a complete office plan; when accepted Harper & Grant buy carpets, curtains, lamps, etc. from other firms, and charge their clients for a package deal or the complete arrangement (servicio de diseño integral);
to subcontract: to arrange for contracted work to be done by others; also, to contract a firm who manufactures goods which Harper & Grant do not make themselves
(subcontratar servicios o materiales);
unless: if not (a menos que);
corporate culture: all the knowledge and values which belong to a company or corporation (cultura empresarial o corporativa);
to muster up: to collect or gather together (juntar o cobrar coraje);
to summarise (also summarize): to give a summary of (resumir).



Listening for Gist (General Understanding)

In this second step, you will listen through this conversation. Don't worry about understanding every word they are saying. Now, just relax, start listening to the four audio files and try to understand the general meaning. 

The Future is Here: Japan

Click on the audios below and listen
to this seminar conversation.

The Fundamental Principles of Japanese Management.  

The Group Orientation.  

Human or Interpersonal Factors.  

The Consensus.  


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