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Para que este curso AVANZADO DE NEGOCIOS resulte efectivo, cumple estos pasos: 


Lee aquí acerca de la interacción bilingüe de los textos, el audio y los símbolos que componen el curso.


Lee y escucha aquí a los integrantes de la empresa Harpers & Grant Ltd.


Lee aquí la historia de la empresa en la cual vas a trabajar durante 15 días.


Realiza todas las actividades de cada día de trabajo y consulta las respuestas.



Reading for Comprehension

In this first step, you will read carefully the presentation of this unit (phrasal verbs have been highlighted in yellow). A full glossary below will help you understand it better. To get information in Spanish, just place the arrow of your mouse on any highlighted word without clicking.

The Company is expanding, and the present factory is rapidly becoming too small to cope with the increase in production.
Some months ago it was decided that the Company would have to build an extension to the present factory. An architect, Mr. Norman Phillipson, was called in, and given the job. He drew up the plans and the firm applied for an I.D.C., which is granted by the Board of Trade. This was granted provided that the Fuel and Paint Stores were put in a different position. The authorities are very strict in seeing that certain rules are obeyed. Possible dangers to health and safety are carefully considered.
When Harper & Grant's new extension is built on to the existing area they will have three more bays, but the present Fuel and Paint Stores would be too near the new extension. As both these materials are highly inflammable, it was considered that a fire could spread to the new extension very easily. The proposed new Paint Store will be protected by the
fireproof wall of the main factory. The County Planning Authority will also have to approve the plans.
The present Managing Director, Hector Grant, has called a meeting of a committee who are dealing with the new extension, with the architect present, to discuss progress. Mr. Grant is the Chairman in charge of the meeting.
Also attending are Peter Wiles, Production Manager; John Martin, Sales Manager
, William Buckhurst, the Company Secretary, and Ian Hampden, who is the Personnel Manager. The meeting is just about to begin.

to cope with: to satisfy or fulfill (hacer frente a);
: new building added to an existing one (ampliación edilicia);
to call in
: to ask to participate (llamar a alguien para presupuestar o realizar un trabajo);
to draw up
: composed the basic details for (esbozar, realizar un esbozo o plan de);
to apply for
: to ask for (solicitar);
: Industrial Development Certificate (Certificado de Ampliación Industrial);
to grant
: to give (otorgar, conceder);
to built on
: to add (anexar una construcción);
: divisions of a factory floor (bahías, plataformas);
to spread
: to extend (extenderse);
fire-proof wall
: a wall resistant to fire (muro incombustible, pared a prueba de fuego);
Managing Director
: a member of the Board of Directors who controls resources and expenditures in the Company (director gerente);
to deal with
: to occupy with, to manage a problem (ocuparse de, hacerse cargo de);
Personnel Manager
: a manager in charge of all the employees (the staff), employed by the Company (gerente de personal);
just about to begin: starting in a few minutes (a punto de empezar).



Listening for Gist (General Understanding)

In this second step, you will listen through this conversation. Don't worry about understanding every word they are saying. Now, just relax, start listening to the audio file and try to understand the general meaning. 

The Factory Extension Meeting



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