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Open gap-filling

ACTIVITY 353: Read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only ONE word in each gap. There is an example at the beginning [ to ]. Then check the correct answers.


With a wildly beating heart, Valiant continued

run down the long dark tunnel. It was   time

before he realised that the footsteps of  

pursuers were falling further and further behind. After a while

he was alone, somewhere deep under the mountain city. This

must   been the way the robbers came, he

thought bitterly, dragging their priceless treasure with them.

  ahead of him, he made   a circle of pale light. His

heart leaped: in   confusion of the attack he had  

to escape from the prisons of Tharq, the evil War Lord of Borod!! In a  

seconds he was standing at the mouth of the tunnel looking   at the

Martian night.

Below him   a deep valley, surrounded by huge cliffs. The surface of 

the valley was covered   enormous trees. Their leaves were dark red

and were thick with night flowers. In the black sky   him, the two

moons of Mars shone with a strange brightness.

But somewhere out   were the thieves of Kedam, the same men who

had just kidnapped Princess Pulkem of Vaja, unwilling guest of the evil War Lord – the

beautiful princess who in happier times   given him his silver ring,

  now reflected the light of the two moons of Mars.

Qué historia romántica, no?  
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LECCION 52 - PAGINA 2   índice del curso   página anterior   página siguiente