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Open gap-filling

ACTIVITY 224: Read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only ONE word in each gap. There is an example at the beginning [ when ]. Then check the correct answers.


Monica Wilson, the foreign correspondent of a television news company talks about her job.

The limitations of broadcasting were brought home to me 

  I was reporting recently on a crisis on the

other side of the world.   days we are faced

with doing non-stop broadcasting. Even   

a television channel does not    to have

non-stop news output, like the one I work for, it has non-stop

news input.

Twenty-four    coverage is complicated by any time difference. In my recent

assignment we were eight hours ahead    the time in London. The whole

team, about 25 people, gathered    at 7.30 am to discuss things and get the

camera crews out on the streets.    lunchtime we were editing, and by mid-

afternoon we were doing live two-way reports for Breakfast Time News.

By the evening the lunchtime news    being done, and by midnight we were

into the Six O'clock News, with another live two-way report for the Nine O'clock News

at five in the morning. The problem with such    twenty-four hour operation,

  from the lack of sleep, is that you end up broadcasting rather


People say, 'What was it    out there?' And I say, 'How do I know?'

I    have spent more time on the streets if I    not had to

prepare so    bulletins !!

Mónica es una de las mejores corresponsales extranjeras !! 
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