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The news - Part 2a

Read below the opening of this news item about CRIME which has been taken from a newspaper. You are going to listen to Lucila Guns -a newsreader from a local radio in London- broadcasting the full news. Don't worry if there are some words you don't know: you should be able to get the general idea.

At this first step, click on the speaker, relax and just listen for general comprehension while you read the opening news:


The news - Part 2b


Now, listen again while you check Lucila Guns' comments with the audio transcription. You will have to do an activity after listening and reading.


Five members of a drugs gang who sliced open LP records to smuggle cocaine into Britain have been jailed for a total of seventy-two years.

Customs men at Heathrow Airport found more than two and a half million pounds worth of the drug sandwiched inside the albums when they intercepted four women couriers and a man who was guarding them.



The news - Part 2c

ACTIVITY 198: Listen again to the news and answer these questions. In question # 2,  if the answer is FALSE, correct any mistakes you find. Then check the answers.



Where were the drugs smugglers arrested?


A.    at Gatwick Airport, London
B.    at London's Airport
C.    at Heathrow Airport, London


Five drugs smugglers have been sent to jail for smuggling cocaine inside cassettes.


A.    TRUE

El procedimiento de estos traficantes tuvo mucho "ritmo" !!! 
En la próxima página continuarás esta interesante práctica de lecto-comprensión ...


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