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The news - Part 1a



A teleprinter is a machine that automatically prints news received from a news agency via an aerial. It is important to point out the different typography for an item coming in on a teleprinter and an item in a newspaper. News stories coming in on a teleprinter are always printed in capital letters.

Read below the opening of this news item about CRIME which has been taken from a teleprinter. You are going to listen to Michael Robson -a newsreader from a local radio in London- broadcasting the full news. Don't worry if there are some words you don't know: you should be able to get the general idea.

At this first step, click on the speaker, relax and just listen for general comprehension while you read the opening news:


The news - Part 1b


Now, listen again while you check Michael Robson's comments with the audio transcription. You will have to do an activity after listening and reading.


The parents of missing schoolgirl Susan Marlowe are pleading for Brian Jackson to lead police to her body. Jackson, who's suspected of murdering the teenager, was captured while hitchhiking in France last night.

He's now being held at a village near the Swiss border where he'll be interviewed by British detectives later today.

From the village police station, Rob Luscombe:

ROB LUSCOMBE: Jackson came quietly when stopped and asked for his papers. It was his twelfth day on the run. He's the only prisoner being held in the cells of the village station at Marles. This morning he'll be taken before a magistrate in a nearby town and handed over to Interpol.

Two detectives from Kent are on their way to serve Jackson with an extradition warrant and they'll want to thank the two policemen whose chance encounter with a scruffy hitch-hiker ended a huge manhunt across France.

Rob Luscombe, Independent News, Marles, France.



The news - Part 1c

ACTIVITY 197: Listen again to the news and answer these questions. In question # 2,  if the answer is FALSE, correct any mistakes you find. Then check the answers.



How long was the suspected murderer missing?


A.    a fortnight on the run
B.    12 days trying to escape from the police
C.    20 days on the run


The body of the missing schoolgirl has been found.


A.    TRUE

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