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Multiple-choice gap-filling

ACTIVITY 48: Read the text below and choose from the menus the suitable answer. The first alternative [ common - general - typical - usual ] is already done for you.


What does an elephant eat on a    day?

Layang-Layang, an elephant at London Zoo, has a good 

. Her keeper describes what she ate yesterday.

"Breakfast    of a kilo of dog biscuits mixed with

750g of dried horse food with extra vitamins, hay, bread,

bananas, apples, oranges, potatoes, carrots and cabbage. Zoo food is always of a 


"During the morning the daily    of branches is delivered. Layang-Layang is

particularly    of cherry and apple, so she was given four big  .

She chewed the twiggy bits and    the rest as toys. Lunch was another kilo of

dog biscuits, more bread, vegetables and fruit.

Most of this comes from local supermarkets who give us stock that    they

would  . After lunch she ate more branches. We have to make sure she

doesn't    out of these."

Some visitors to the zoo aren't very    and feed Layang-Layang unsuitable

things. If she    paper and plastic, her stomach hurts.

"Supper was another kilo of dog biscuits, 750g of dried horse food, 350g of linseed oil

(to    healthy skin and hair) and 500g of vitamin E. Layang-Layang eats a lot

but she never puts    weight.

"If she    like a snack during the night, Layang-Layang has some hay and more


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