Prepositional Phrases Commonly Used



A continuación encontrarás una serie de frases preposicionales de uso frecuente, ordenadas alfabéticamente, que pueden resultarte de mucha utilidad. 

AT THE END OF, al final de.
The hero fell in love with the princess at the end of the story.
AT HOME IN/WITH, perfectamente familiar con.
Einstein was perfectly at home in/with all questions of relativity.
AT THE SIDE OF (BESIDE), al lado de.
The church is at the side of (beside) the small river.
AT THE TOP OF ONE'S VOICE, a voz en cuello, a toda voz.
The boy in the water was shouting for help at the top of his voice.
AT VARIANCE WITH, de punta, en desacuerdo con.
As a new teacher I found myself at variance with the principal over my salary.

BECAUSE OF, a causa de, debido a.
Because of his poor health, he could not work in a tropical country.
, a fuerza de.
OM Personal staff achieved their goals by force of effort and determination.
, por medio de.
Graciela passed the OM Basic examinations by means of hard work.
, a causa de.
He has always succeeded by reason of his strong determination.
BY THE SIDE OF (BESIDE), al lado de, por el lado de.
Their new house is located by the side of (beside) a beautiful lake.
BY VIRTUE OF, en virtud de.
This candidate was given the job by virtue of his previous experienece in sales.
BY WAY OF, por vía de, a modo de, pasando por.
My uncle travelled from Santiago de Chile to Miami by way of the Panama Canal.

FOR FEAR OF, por medio o temor de.
The old man did not travel by air for fear of having a heart-attack.
FOR THE PURPOSE OF, con el objeto de, con el propósito de.
The investigation was made for the purpose of discovering the thief.
FOR THE SAKE OF, por amor de, en beneficio de.
I prefered to ignore Mike's rudeness for the sake of our long friendship.
FOR WANT OF, por falta de.
The metal has gone rusty for want of a fresh coat of paint.

IN/ON BEHALF OF, en favor de, en nombre de.
"I would like to thank today's speaker in/on behalf of all the members here".
IN CASE OF, en caso de.
In case of difficulty, please dial number 999-AB.
IN COMMON WITH, en común con, del mismo modo que.
The new student wrote on the wrong subject in common with Jessie Brown.
IN CONSEQUENCE OF, a consecuencia de.
In consequence of the large number absent, we had to postpone the meeting.
IN (THE) COURSE OF, en vía de.
Did Mrs. Cecilia Dufour ever go to Tibet in (the) course of her travels?
IN DEFIANCE OF, en desafío de, sin poner atención a.
The owners remained in their apartments in defiance of the evacuation order.
IN FAVOUR OF, en favor de.
Who is in favour of taking a holiday in August?
IN FRONT OF, en frente de, cara a cara con.
Suddenly I recognised the girl who was standing in front of me in the line.
IN HONOUR OF, en honor de.
Our manager was given a holiday in honour of his great efforts and achievement.
IN (THE) HOPE OF, con la esperanza de.
The actress went to Africa in (the) hope of meeting her son once again.
IN PLACE OF, en lugar de.
The teacher gave me a new exercise book in place of the old one.
IN PROSPECT OF, en vista de, en expectativa de.
He lost his job a month ago, but he is in prospect of finding something interesting.
IN SEARCH OF, en busca de.
The two friends went to South America in search of adventure.
IN SPITE OF, a pesar de.
Many people will probably come tonight in spite of this bad weather.
INSTEAD OF, en vez de, en lugar de.
Peter Edwards had to go to the meeting instead of his boss who is ill in bed.
IN VIEW OF, en vista de.
In view of the designer's success, the firm decided to promote him to manager.
IN THE EVENT OF, en caso de.
The old man asked his sons to stay at the farm in the event of his death.
IN THE FACE OF, en presencia de.
Why do you insist on going to Malaya in the face of all your family?
IN (WITH) THE HOPE OF, en (con) la esperanza de.
The millionaire went to Africa in (with) the hope of meeting his family.
IN THE NAME OF, en nombre de.
Please, spare the condemned man's life in the name of humanity.
IN THE REAR OF, a la cola de, a la retaguardia.
There was a cloud of dust in the rear of the caravan.
IN THE SIGHT OF, a la vista de.
He was guilty in the sight of the law.
IN THE TEETH OF, en oposición a, contra toda la fuerza de.
The young man stuck to his principles in the teeth of great opposition.
IN ORDER TO, para, a fin de, con el objeto de.
In order to listen to this audio file you have to download it first.
IN PROPORTION TO, en proporción a.
He told me that my success was in proportion to the work I had done.
IN REGARD TO, en cuanto a, relacionado con.
Did he tell you anything in regard to your future job?
IN ACCORDANCE WITH, de acuerdo con, en armonía con.
They completed the form in accordance with all the rules.
IN CONNECTION WITH, con referencia a
He interviewed me in connection with the proposed new course.
IN HARMONY WITH, en armonía con.
Luckily her tastes were in harmony with mine.
IN KEEPING WITH, de acuerdo con, en armonía con.
The director of the firm was given a house in keeping with his high position.


ON ACCOUNT OF, por motivo de, a cuenta de, a causa de.
The girl could not go away on account of the terrible storm.
ON BEHALF OF, de parte de.
"I would like to thank the speaker on behalf of all the members in this club".
ON THE BRINK OF, al borde, a la orilla de.
The firm was on the brink of bankruptcy.
ON THE EVE OF, en vispera de, la víspera de.
Grandma came from Italy on the eve of my birthday.
, a juzgar por las apariencias.
On the face of it, their proposal seems quite genuine.
, en base de, en razón de.
The young man was rejected by the Air Force on the ground of ill-health.
ON THE PART OF, por parte de.
There was complete agreement on the part of Mr. Jones.
ON THE POINT OF, a punto de.
The thief was on the point of surrendering when he was caught.
OUT OF HARMONY WITH, en desacuerdo con.
Unluckily her tastes are always out of harmony with mine.
OUT OF KEEPING WITH, en desacuerdo con.
Rock or jazz music are entirely out of keeping with this solemn occasion.
OUT OF PROPORTION WITH (TO), en desproporción con.
The head in the portrait seems to be out of proportion with the body.

UNDER THE NAME OF, bajo el nombre de.
A boy under the name of Johnson came to see you this morning.

WITH THE HELP OF, con ayuda de.
We managed to repair the engine with the help of the new electrician.
WITH THE INTENTION OF, con la intención de.
He attended evening school with the intention of learning more English.
WITH A VIEW TO, con la intención de.
Mr. Dobson bought the land with a view to building houses on it.
WITH AN EYE TO, con la intención de.
They bought the old houses with an eye to making them into a 5-star hotel.
WITH REFERENCE TO, con referencia a.
With reference to your letter, I wish to inform you that I am leaving soon.
WITH REGARD TO, con relación a.
Did he tell you anything with regard to your future promotion?
WITH RESPECT TO, con respecto a, tocante a, concerniente a.
With reference to your application, you are invited for an interview next week.


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