Los BINOMIOS o FRASES BINOMIALES son expresiones idiomáticas en las cuales dos palabras se hallan unidas por una conjunción (por lo general Y, O, PERO). El orden de las palabras suele ser fijo. Estudiemos abajo algunos binomios bilingües ejemplificados...

ODDS AND ENDS (chucherías, cosas sin valor)
Let's get the main things packed; we can do the odds and ends later.
GIVE AND TAKE (toma y daca, concesiones mutuas)
Every relationship needs some give and take to be successful.

A veces puedes identificar un binomio por su construcción sonora.

(parte integrante, carne y uña)
Tears are part and parcel of growing up.
WINE AND DINE (llevar a comer y beber)
The new manager has to wine and dine some importants clients from Japan.
SAFE AND SOUND (sanos y salvos)
Fortunately they arrived safe and sound after such a terrible plane crash.

Otras veces la pista indica que las palabras son prácticamente sinónimos.

(escoger con esmero y dedicación)
At this restaurant you can pick and choose, so what you eat it's up to you.
LEAPS AND BOUNDS (a pasos agigantados)
My English is progressing in (by) leaps and bounds at OM Personal megaportal.
PEACE AND QUIET (paz y tranquilidad)
It's really nice to have some peace and quiet during the weekend.
REST AND RECREATION (reposo y entretenimiento)
The doctor recommended some rest and recreation.
FIRST AND FOREMOST (primero y principal)
Please, listen to me. First and foremost, you have to work hard in your new job.


Muchas preposiciones y adverbios suelen combinarse para formar binomios.

(acá y allá, por todas partes)
In Buenos Aires you will find cafés and cafeterias here and there.
ON AND OFF (cada tanto, de vez en cuando, a intervalos)
We have had meetings on and off to create new multimedia courses.
BACK AND FORTH (de arriba para abajo)
Mr. Heger has been running back and forth to sell his apartment.
TO AND FRO (de acá para allá)
Mothers are really great. They usually run to and fro all day long.
OUT AND ABOUT (pasear por todas partes, andar de un lado al otro)
She has recovered from the accident and is out and about again.

Existen binomios unidos por otras palabras aparte de la conjunción AND.

(irse a pique o nadar, hundirse o salvarse)
Her father-in-law will not help her, so she will have to sink or swim.
SLOWLY BUT SURELY (lento pero seguro)
It was terrible!! Slowly but surely I realized my boat was sinking in the river.
SOONER OR LATER (tarde o temprano)
My boss told me that sooner or later I would learn the lesson.
TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT (tómelo o déjelo, acéptelo o rechácelo)
Well, I'm sorry, that's all I can offer you; take it or leave it.
MORE OR LESS (más o menos, aproximadamente)
OM Personal CD-ROMs weigh 5 grams each, more or less.


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