Adjectives - Unit 30



Adjectives ending in –ED and –ING.


IMPORTANT: In English you will find many –ED or –ING adjective pairs which derive from verbs. To avoid mixing them up, remember these tips:
(a) -ED adjectives are used to describe HOW you feel.
(b) -ING adjectives are used to inform WHAT makes you feel that way.



Choose from the menus the correct form (–ED or –ING) of the adjective.


1.  Diana was because her English test score was 50 over 100 marks. lt was very to her.

2.  This new lesson looks and never-ending. So, I am absolutely today.

3.  We both feel really today. Actually, working in the house all day long is very .

4.  Helen found Peter's behaviour so and aggressive. She was really .

5.  Dr. Melchor is in European history. He thinks politicians in Europe are people.

6.  That movie "Death on the River Plate" was very to me. I felt very by that murder story.



Choose from the menus the correct –ED or –ING adjective.


1.  I am about my final exam grades. They are all quite bad.

2.  This wet weather in our city is so .

3.  My son was not to be kept waiting so long at the dentist's.

4.  There is nothing more than a good meal for dinner.

5.  To Spanish speakers English can be sometimes a language to learn.

6.  Father will be if my sister does not score well on her final exam at OM Personal English.


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