High Intermediate: Test # 8



TIME SUGGESTED: 15 minutes

Fill in the blanks with the BEST ALTERNATIVE (a, b, or c).


What would you do if you were Mary?


I have a telegram to read to you.

a.  I'd move to Boston.
b.  Yes, I would.
c.  I would move at Boston.

a.  I wish they aren't bad news.
b.  I hope it isn't bad news.
c.  I hope it isn't good news.


Joanna would like to leave Sony & Co. 


When you have a great time, you ...

a.  So would Martha.
b.  Me too.
c.  Both a and b.

a.  become bored. 
b.  enjoy yourself. 
c.  have not fun enough.


Would you please make a toast? 


When you hesitate, you ...

a.  OK. Here's to a great work team !!!
b.  OK. To a happy new couple !!!
c.  Both a and b.

a.  decide to do something immediately. 
b.  wait a while before you do something.
c.  decide not to do something.


I think we should cancel the meeting.


Will he accept the job?

a.  I wouldn't cancel this show.
b.  Neither would I.
c.  Both a and b.

a.  I hope he'll accept it.
b.  So do I.
c.  Both a and b.


Do you know if Lina will go to the party?


I will go to Paris in winter.

a.  I hope she can go with us.
b.  I wish she could go with us.
c.  Both a and b.

a.  If I was you I'd go in spring.
b.  If I were you I'd go in warm weather.
c.  Both a and b.


HOW TO SCORE THIS TEST: Please, score 10 points for each correct answer and check the final score with this list: 90-100 points: A or Excellent; 80-89 points: B or Very Good; 70-79 points: C or Fair; 69 or below: Need to review grammar. 

COMO CALIFICAR ESTE TEST: Por favor, aplica 10 puntos a cada respuesta correcta y verifica el puntaje final en esta lista: 90-100 puntos: Excelente; 80-89 puntos: Muy Bueno; 70-79 puntos: Regular; 69 o inferior: Necesitas reforzar tus conocimientos de gramática. 


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