High Intermediate: Test # 6



TIME SUGGESTED: 15 minutes

Fill in the blanks with the BEST ALTERNATIVE (a, b, or c).


You should eat your sandwich.


Would you like to go to a movie tonight?

a.  I can't. It's too big to finish.
b.  I can't. It isn't big enough to finish.
c.  I can't. It isn't too big to finish.

a.  I'd love to, but I'm too busy to go.
b.  No, I can stand it.
c.  Both a and b.


Does he still jog in the park? 


Mark is exactly the way I remembered him.

a.  No, not anymore.
b.  No, he still jogs there.
c.  Both a and b.

a.  You're right. He's changed overnight. 
b.  I agree. He hasn't changed a bit. 
c.  I agree. He has changed a lot.


This meal is excellent. 


Did you accept the job?

a.  Yes. I'm a great cook, aren't I?
b.  Yes. Ann is a great cook, isn't she?
c.  Both a and b.

a.  No. I decided to take it back. 
b.  No. I decided to pass it up.
c.  Both a and b.


Would you like another cup of this colombian coffee?


Would you rather own your own business or work for someone else?

a.  No, thanks. It's getting late.
b.  OK. I'm leaving. Where's my coat?
c.  Both a and b.

a.  I'd rather own my own business.
b.  I'd prefer to own my own business.
c.  Both a and b.


I'm too tired to go on working on this report today.


What do you think about tomorrow meeting?

a.  Why don't you go home?
b.  Can't you just go home?
c.  Both a and b.

a.  I think a lot.
b.  I think it'll be important.
c.  Both a and b.


HOW TO SCORE THIS TEST: Please, score 10 points for each correct answer and check the final score with this list: 90-100 points: A or Excellent; 80-89 points: B or Very Good; 70-79 points: C or Fair; 69 or below: Need to review grammar. 

COMO CALIFICAR ESTE TEST: Por favor, aplica 10 puntos a cada respuesta correcta y verifica el puntaje final en esta lista: 90-100 puntos: Excelente; 80-89 puntos: Muy Bueno; 70-79 puntos: Regular; 69 o inferior: Necesitas reforzar tus conocimientos de gramática. 


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