High Intermediate: Test # 4



TIME SUGGESTED: 15 minutes

Fill in the blanks with the BEST ALTERNATIVE (a, b, or c).


This room is a mess.


Why is Sheila qualified for the job?

a.  No, it isn't. I think it's not clean.
b.  No, it isn't. I think it's clean.
c.  Yes, it is. I think it's clean.

a.  She has a résumé.
b.  She's had a lot of experience.
c.  She applied in person.


When are you available to start work? 


What nationality is she?

a.  I can start immediately.
b.  On April 15th.
c.  Both a and b.

a.  I don't know. She might be Colombian.
b.  I don't know. She may be Colombian.
c.  Both a and b.


Can you come to our party on Saturday? 


Diana stayed up all night last night.

a.  No, I won't be able to.
b.  No, I can't.
c.  Both a and b.

a.  She must be on a diet today. 
b.  She must be tired today.
c.  She must be staying up all night.


Can you keep an eye on things for today?


Where's Maria?

a.  I don't know. My eyes hurt a lot.
b.  I'll try.
c.  Both a and b.

a.  I don't know. She might be at home.
b.  Maybe she is at home.
c.  Both a and b.


How old is she?


Have another piece of cake.

a.  I have no idea how old she is.
b.  I don't know how old is she.
c.  Both a and b.

a.  I'm pleased.
b.  With pleasure.
c.  Welcome.


HOW TO SCORE THIS TEST: Please, score 10 points for each correct answer and check the final score with this list: 90-100 points: A or Excellent; 80-89 points: B or Very Good; 70-79 points: C or Fair; 69 or below: Need to review grammar. 

COMO CALIFICAR ESTE TEST: Por favor, aplica 10 puntos a cada respuesta correcta y verifica el puntaje final en esta lista: 90-100 puntos: Excelente; 80-89 puntos: Muy Bueno; 70-79 puntos: Regular; 69 o inferior: Necesitas reforzar tus conocimientos de gramática. 


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