My wife and I live in the suburbs. We drive to work, but we don't drive together. We have two cars. Our children go to school by bus.

mái uáif and ái lív in de sáberbs. uí dráiv tu uérk bat uí dóunt dráiv toguéder. uí jav tu kars. áur chíldren góu tu skúl bái bas.

1. Where do they live?

2. Do they drive to work?


My parents live in the country. My father drives to work. My mother doesn't work because she's retired now.

mái péarents liv en de kántri. mái fáder dráivs tu uérk. mái máder dasnt uérk bikós shis ritáiard náu.

3. Where do they live?

4. Does she work?


My sister has an apartment in the city. She lives alone. She walks to work. She doesn't have a car.

mái síster jas an apártment in de síti. shi livs alóun. shi uóks tu uérk. shi dasnt jav a kar.

5. Where does she live?

6. Does she have a car?


I live with my mom and dad in the suburbs. I go to school every day with my brother. We take the bus to school.

ái liv uid mái mom and dad in de sáberbs. ái góu tu skul évri déi uíd mái bróder. uí téik de bas tu skul.

7. Where does she go every day?

8. Does she take a bus?


My husband and I live in a big house in the country. My husband still drives his car to work every day, but I stay at home. I'm retired.

mái jásband and ái liv in a big jáus in de kántri. mái jásband stil dráivs jis kar tu uérk évri déi bat ái stéi at jóum. áim ritáiard.

9. Does she have a house?

10. Does she work every day?


I live downtown in an apartment. I live alone. I don't need a car because I walk to work.

ái liv dáun-taún in an apártment. ái liv alóun. ái dóunt ní:d a kar bikós ái uók tu uérk.

11. Where does she live?

12. Does she live with a friend?


My husband and I live in a nice house in the suburbs. We have a son and a daughter, and we have two cars. I drive my car to work every day.

mái jásband and ái liv in a náis jáus in the sáberbs. uí jav a son and a dóter and uí jav tu kars. ái dráiv mái kar tu uérk évri déi.

13. Where does she live?

14. Does she have three children?

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