Do you know that the kangaroo can't walk at all, but it can travel at 40 miles an hour? This amazing animal is very good at jumping. It can jump 20 feet at a time. An adult kangaroo is only five feet tall, but it can jump over a car.

du iú nóu dat de kangarú: kant uók atíl bat it kan trável at fórti máils an áur? dis améisin ánimal is véri gu:d at yámpin. it kan yamp tuénti fi:t at a táim. an ádult kangarú: is ónli fáiv fi:t tol bat it kan yamp oúver a kar.



The camel can live without water for one week. It can walk over 200 miles in the desert without drinking water. It can do this because it has three stomachs that hold water. And the hump on its back holds fat, so the camel can live without food for a long time, too.

de kámel kan liv uidáut uóter fo: uán uík. it kan uók oúver tu jándrid máils in de désert uidáut drínkin uóter. it kan du dis bikós it jas zri stómaks dat jóld uóter. and de jamp on its bak jolds fat sóu de kámel kan liv uidáut fu:d fo: a long táim tu:



The chimpanzee is a very intelligent animal that is good at learning language. A chimpanzee can learn to use sign language, but it can't always use correct grammar. For example, a chimpanzee can use sign language to say, "Me want banana now," but not, "I want a banana now, please."

de chimpansí: is a véri intéliyent ánimal dat is gu:d at lérnin lángüedch. a chimpansí: kan lern tu iús sáin lángüedch bat it kant ólueis iús korréct grámar. fo: iksámpl a chimpansi: kan iús sáin lángüedch tu séi, mi uónt benána náu, bat not, ái uónt a benána náu plis.


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