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ACTIVITY 173: You are going to read three extracts about a foreign district. For questions 1-5, choose the best alternative according to what you read. Then check the correct answers.

We, the undersigned, write with reference to the Hightown Local Plan, Consultative Draft, March 2013, published by the Hightown District Council.
While we understand the need for a Relief Road to ease the problems of increasing traffic in the area as a whole, we would like to express our concern at the proposed route. As shown in the Consultative Draft, the Relief Road will cross Fernwood Road, Golfcourse Way and High Lane, effectively cutting in half a prime residential area.
As residents of this particular area, we feel obliged to protest at the proposal on the following grounds:
• There will be a substantial increase in traffic in the area, not only with the through-traffic, but also from traffic joining the Relief Road at the junction planned close to Fernwood Road.
• At present, the area in question is a quiet residential area. With the Relief Road and the volume of traffic envisaged, there is no doubt that....


It is foreseen that the Relief Road will be a dual, two-lane carriageway and that there will be junctions at Fernwood Road and at the south end of High Lane. It is felt that such a road is required to allow for the growth of traffic envisaged over the next twenty years and that this route will be essential for through-traffic joining the Hightown Bypass. Thus the Relief Road and the Hightown Bypass together will provide substantial relief to the traffic problems experienced in recent years in the centre of Fernwood following the construction of the new Container Port at Highport in 2008.
It is intended that construction of the Relief Road be begun in 2015. This, however, will be subject to approval by regional and central government. The Planning Committee feel that the road is vital to a proper development of the area as a whole and that therefore delays should be avoided. Thus arrangements will be made, through public meetings, for direct representations to be made to the Council regarding the proposals..


Both John and I hope that you are all settling down OK. You must write and tell us what the new house is like. By the way, your move was probably a good thing for you. We've just heard about the new Local Plan for Hightown and have been busy drumming up support to fight a proposal to bring a Relief Road right through here. In fact, as far as we can see, it would have run right along the back of your garden in Golfcourse Way. I can just imagine what Mike would have had to say about the prospect of massive lorries trundling past his back garden night and day! Fortunately, as far as the plans are concerned, we're not directly affected I mean, the road won't go past our house but it will cut through two or three roads here, which will mean that we'd obviously get a lot more traffic through this...




Which is the most likely end to the final sentence in Extract 1: "... there is no doubt that..."?


A.     shopkeepers would flourish.
B.     the district will suffer.
C.     other roads will be needed.
   it will become attractive to new residents.


Extract 2 is probably from...


A.     an official planning document.
B.     an application by a firm of contractors.
C.     a popular newspaper article.
   a letter to a casual acquaintance.


The language of Extract 2 might best be described as...


A.     aggressive and hard-hitting.
B.     impersonal and matter-of-fact.
C.     tentative and vague.
   friendly and persuasive.


It is possible that the writer of Extract 3...


A.     has just moved house.
B.     also wrote Extract 2.
C.     lives in Golfcourse Way.
  also wrote Extract 1.


 Which Extract refers to a cause of present traffic problems?


A.     Extract 1.
B.     Extract 2.
C.     Extract 3.
   None of them.


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