Answers Activity 146


Now listen again while you check the audio transcription. Then check the answers below.

SPEAKER 1: I'd been longing to visit such a mystical site, you know, the huge stones, the dramatic setting. But I was really disappointed when I got there: you can't get that near, there is a fence all around them, they're not nearly as big as you think they are from the photos and on top of all that you have to pay an entrance fee when there isn't even a museum or anything like that.

SPEAKER 2: I thought we'd go as a treat for my son for his fifth birthday. We were expecting to see a wide range of animals living in a natural habitat, with plenty of interesting information about them. Instead what we found was a shabby mishmash of rundown and sometimes abandoned cages crammed into a tiny corner of Regent's Park. We couldn't get out fast enough.

SPEAKER 3: We'd planned a family day out without realizing that it was going to cost us an absolute fortune if we paid on the door. It would have been much cheaper to book online, but we didn't know that was an option. Apart from that, when we got there the staff were rude, the queues were a nightmare, and the rides were pretty mediocre if you ask me.

SPEAKER 4: I'd seen the towers and battlements from the train, so as I like historic buildings I decided to visit it. It's supposed to be Britain's Greatest Mediaeval Experience, but I have to say that for me it seemed like a Hollywood film set and it was all a bit, er, surreal - there was even this really strange waxwork figure of the young Winston Churchill who apparently 'might have visited' at some time.


Listen carefully. Which speaker visited...?


A castle.


A site of natural beauty.


A zoo.


An ancient stone circle.


A theme park.


Now listen again. Which speaker mentions
these criticisms of the tourist site?


The difficult access.


The inflated price.


The poor maintenance.


The lack of facilities.


The unreal atmosphere.

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