Answers Activity 109


Now listen again while you check the audio transcription. Then check the answers below.

SPEAKER 1: Speaking from my own personal situation I love the fact that I have a brother, um, it provided, he provided me with a lot of fun when, when we were growing up and um, and I'm now having, having two kids myself I am very pleased that they, they've got each other to look after. And er I think as you go through life and your own parents get older, um and you know, you will one day have to look after them, I think doing that with a, with a sibling would be a lot easier.


SPEAKER 2: I'm an only child, and someone said to me, 'Oh that must be so much better to be an only child because you get all your parents' attention and you don't have to share it with your brothers and sisters,' and to an extent I kind of agree, because it is wonderful to have all that attention from your parents. But, you can end up becoming, sort of spoilt and used to having this attention, so when you have to go to school or you have to interact with other people, if you don't get the attention that you've been used to, you can react in a really spoilt way without, sort of, meaning to.


SPEAKER 3: I've got two children and although they fight all the time and they, you know, all this sort of thing, I think, I often when they are fighting try and look at the positives of it and think, well, I suppose it's a good thing that they are sort of, you know, learning to do all those things within a safe family environment, which I suppose if you are I mean an only child perhaps then it has to be at school or, you know, it's like practising.


SPEAKER 4: I'd hate to have been an only child, I mean I had three brothers and sisters, and I think only, the girl next door was an only child and she was under so much pressure from her parents to succeed and all their hopes were focused on this one girl. I thought, I wouldn't want all that pressure on me.


Do they mention more advantages or disadvantages
of having other siblings?

Now listen again. Which speaker mentions these
advantages of having brothers and sisters?


Learning to interact with other children.


Not being spoilt.


Not being the sole centre of your parents' expectations.


Being able to share the responsibility of caring for elderly parents.


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