Answers Activity 99



Why did the author like his mother's painting?


A.     He thought it showed her strength of character.
B.     He realised she took painting seriously.
C.     She did not think about what she was painting.
   She had a stronger personality than he had.


When she was choosing a place to paint, the author's mother...


A.     tried to find a shady spot.
B.     considered the possibilities carefully.
C.     found it difficult to make up her mind.
   had to consider all her equipment.


Why did the author's painting surprise his mother and Frieda?


A.     It seemed out of keeping with the environment.
B.     They didn't know he'd been to a Christmas sale.
C.     It was a strange subject for a boy.
   He didn't usually paint in that style.


Why did the author paint a picture of a post-Christmas sale?


A.     He only had a small sheet of paper.
B.     He was too young for landscape painting.
C.     He was determined to show off his skill.
   He wanted to make his opinion clear.


When his parents told the story of the strange painting, the author laughed because...


A.     he wanted to join in with everyone else.
B.     he thought it was a funny story.
C.     he alone knew the truth.
   the story improved with retelling.

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