Answers Activity 59



After the first attempts to take off, the author and his wife were asked to come back on...


A.    25th January.
B.    26th January.
C.    27th January.
  28th January.


The pilot's remarks, shortly after taking off from New York...


A.    proved quite inaccurate.
B.    led to their returning to Idlewild.
C.    referred to their previous disastrous flight.
  were not calculated to ease Diana's distress.


When they arrived in Ireland at 6.30, the author and his wife...


A.    were still hoping to reach London in time to rehearse.
B.    chartered a small plane which could land in fog.
C.    were late for their connecting flight.
  were feeling absolutely desperate.


What happened when they finally landed at Manston?


A.    They were held up going through Customs.
B.    The fog immediately came down thicker than ever.
C.    They were given special treatment.
  Their car developed an engine fault.


It is evident from the passage that the author was...

  A.    a rich man taking his wife to see a special concert at the Albert Hall.
B.    a conductor who had to be in London to give a concert.
C.    a solo violinist going to play in a concert in London.
  an American musical agent who had an appointment with Sir Adrian Boult.

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