Answers Activity 39



Pets are sometimes criticised because they...


A.    lack intelligence.
B.    need considerable care.
C.    are destructive.
  demand affection.
QUOTE: For every tale of shredded cushions, flattened plants and chewed slippers...


The idea that animals are a substitute for children is...


A.    supported by research.
B.    encouraged by psychologists.
C.    an argument for keeping a pet.
  a common prejudice.
Childless couples in particular give rise to speculation, but a consultant in animal behaviour says, "There is no evidence that a pet is a direct substitute for a child."


Talking to animals is...


A.    silly.
B.    not beneficial.
C.    suspicious.
And while many adults feel foolish if caught talking to their pets, they have no need to. The experts say you cannot have a close relationship with a pet without treating it as a person and that talking to a pet is not unhealthy — simply a way of establishing rapport.


When choosing a pet you should remember that...


A.    a young animal is best for everyone.
B.    the animal need not be attractive.
C.    certain animals can be dangerous.
  a ferret makes a good pet.
QUOTE: But animals don’t have to be soft and cuddly to bring out the best in us.


The writer believes that pets are valuable to children because they...


A.    return affection.
B.    need looking after.
C.    are comforting.
  are protective.
QUOTE: The wobbling helplessness of a young puppy or a fluffy kitten stirs protective instincts deep within us and prompts many parents to buy pets for their children in the hope of instilling a sense of responsibility and caring...

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