ANSWER ACTIVITY # 64 (los errores se indican entre paréntesis)



9th June


All member of staff


Rudy Palmer, Managing Director


Telephone calls

It has come to my atention that the company has been loosing thousands of dollars each month with phone calls.

I have carefully examined last month's telephone bill and I am quiet alarmed on what I have found. The figures show that as far as the destination of calls is concerned, 10% are to our Milan subsidiary, 15% are local calls and 75% are long distance national calls outside our dealer network.

This means that 75% of the calls are personal calls, and these calls tend to be the more long and the most expensive for the company.

The phone should be used for business purposes only. Unless each staff member makes an effort to use the telephone responsibly we will have to adapt new measures to limit personal calls. I am counting with your co-operation.




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