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A letter of application usually includes these things:


An introductory paragraph saying which job you want to apply for and how you heard about it.



Relevant details about yourself, for example:
Your age
Your nationality
Your studies and qualifications
Your present occupation
Your previous work experience



Your reasons for wanting to do the job and why you think you would be good at it.



A concluding paragraph mentioning anything you have enclosed, and hoping for a favourable reply.

You can practise this grammar in an activity below.



Writing: An application


Now, read carefully this advertisement for a job in a museum. You will have to do an activity afterwards.


Would you like to work for a few hours
every week among priceless works of art?

Are you interested in ancient cultures?

Can you speak English?

We are looking for part-time guides
to show tourists around the museum.

Enthusiasm for the work is more
important than age or previous experience.

Write, in English, to The Museum Director.


ACTIVITY 327: Look at the letter of application that Carlos Wilson wrote for the job. His letter is not complete. Put the verbs in blue in the appropriate verbal tense and make necessary changes with two time adverbials included. Then check the answers.

Dear Sirs,

I have seen your advertisement for a job as a part-time museum guide and I would like to apply for it.

I am nineteen years old and now I  (STUDY) law at the National University. Last year I  (PASS) the Cambridge First Certificate in English, and I  (BE) to the United States several times recently. Consequently my English is quite fluent.

I (ALWAYS / HAVE) an interest in the history of our country. In high school I  (WIN) a prize for an essay about pre-Columbian cultures. During my research for this essay I  (SPEND) a lot of time in the Gold Museum and so I know the exhibits well.

Although I  (NEVER / WORK) as a tourist guide before, I am quick at learning new things. If you gave me this opportunity, I  (ENJOY) introducing our wonderful national treasures to foreign visitors.

I  (ENCLOSE) copies of my certificates and a reference from my university teacher. I hope you  (CONSIDER) my application and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Carlos Wilson
Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Otra divertida manera de practicar WRITING !!
En la página siguiente podrás escuchar un interesante audio para agilizar tu nivel de comprensión oral  ...


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