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Part 1 and Part 4 of Paper 1 contain different types of matching task:

  PART 1


Match six or seven paragraph headings, summary sentences or pictures to the correct paragraphs of a text.

To do Part 1 successfully, you need to understand the main idea of each paragraph. You will need to understand much, but not necessarily all, of the detail of the text.

  PART 4


Find answers to 13-15 questions in the different parts of the text. (This may also consist of several small texts). There may be a couple of general questions at the end.

To do Part 4 successfully, you need to understand the general idea of each part or different text, and to be able to find specific information quickly. You will not need to understand – or even read – every word.



In both parts, the questions come before the texts. In Part 4 especially, it is important to read these first and then try to find the answers as quickly as possible. This will prevent you from spending time reading unnecessary information.

There may be a variety of things you have to do in Parts 1 and 4, so always read the instructions carefully.



You have one and a quarter hours to do all four parts of Paper 1. Each part will not always take the same amount of time, although generally Part 4 should be done quickly.

Do a couple of timed papers before the exam for practice in using your time wisely. You have just done a practice Part 1 in Unit 11, Lesson 41 and a practice Part 4 in Unit 2, Lesson 7.


Do not panic if you don't understand everything the first time, and always read the instructions carefully.


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