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Having fun


At the party


How often do you go to parties? Do you enjoy them? What type of party do you like best? Read this extract from Adrian Tan’s bestselling 1988 novel "The Teenage Textbook", published in Singapore. Start reading carefully as you will have to do a rather complex activity after reading it.

PLOT: When Mui Ee attends fictitious Paya Lebar Junior College with her best friend Sissy Song, she encounters a new life form: boys. There are many, but only one will win her heart.





That evening, like every other evening, Mui Ee stayed at home. She was ironing her school uniform when the telephone rang.
"Woman." It was her best friend Sissy on the line. "What are you doing tomorrow night?" "Saturday night?"






"Yes. There's going to be a party. You must go." "But Sissy, you know I don't go to parties." "Come on Mui, you're a junior college student now. Your parents should let you have a little freedom to go to parties."
"No, it's not my parents," admitted Mui Ee. "It's me. I don't like going to parties. It's ..."
"Come on, Mui," insisted Sissy, "How are you ever going to make any friends if you don't socialise?"
Mui Ee replied, "But I - I've never ever been to a party. I mean, what I am I going to wear?"
"Didn't you read The Textbook?"
"What textbook?"
"The Teenage Textbook, woman. The one I gave you for your birthday. Look, you have to go. I've invited all our old gang, as well as Rosie, Jillian, May Chu, Linda, Toni, Sangeeta. There'll also be guys. Seng Huat's coming, so are Wong Chong Di, Rick
do you know him? He used to have a crush on me. Also, I've asked Hari and Jason to help out. Come on Mui."
"Well, OK," Mui Ee said eventually. "I'll come."
"Great. I have to go now, Mui. I have to go call some other people. See you tomorrow in school. Bye-bye." Sissy rang off.
That night, Mui Ee sat in bed, wrapped up in her soft blue blanket, two big pillows propping her up and her favourite pink bolster in her arms.
She pulled out The Teenage Textbook from the chest of drawers beside her bed and opened it to the lesson on parties. This is what it said ...


ACTIVITY 301: Now, for questions 1-to-3, choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) and explain in the blank spaces why each of the other three answers is not right. Then check your answers.


What do we learn about Mui Ee?


A.    Her parents are strict with her.

B.    Her life isn't very exciting.

C.    She prefers staying at home.

D.    She has more friends than she needs.


We learn that Sissy...


A.    doesn't really like Mui Ee.

B.    doesn't have many friends.

C.    is lively and outgoing.

D.    is Mui Ee's only friend.


The main intention of the writer in this extract is to...


A.    advise.

B.    amuse.

C.    criticise.

D.    inform.

Entretenida forma de practicar lecto-comprensión, no? 
Con su reconocida habilidad, en la próxima página, Mr. Grammar explicará las aplicaciones del FUTURE (PART I)  ...


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