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Psychology (I)


ACTIVITY 261: Not all close friendships last for ever. Can you think of some reasons why not? Quickly read the following extracts from a magazine article below and choose the most appropriate title for each extract. Then check the correct answers.

JULIA AND MARIA live three doors apart from each other. Their mothers are best friends too, so they've known each other all their lives. Lately Julia has been finding Maria a pain.

She used to think she was funny and outrageous, but now she seems just childish and stupid. She used to admire her way-out clothes and hairstyles, but now she's embarrassed to be seen on the streets with her. Julia is definitely becoming too mature for Maria, who's upset by this, but she hates herself for it. She feels guilty because they meant so much to each other in the past. But then she tells herself things might have been different if Maria had changed as well.


MARIO AND CHRISTIAN have been friends for years. They met on their first day at primary school and have shared everything since. Now Mario has gone away to college and they don't see so much of each other. Mario still writes to Christian and makes a point of seeing him when he's home during the holidays, but Christian feels not included in his friend's life. Recently he's been spreading rumours about Mario behind his back. He won't talk about it to Mario. He just says, 'What do you care what I say?'.


Psychology (II)


Now read what a psychologist said about the situations mentioned above. You will have to do an activity after reading her opinions.




It's not just the friend who is being outgrown who feels bad. Julia has been developing and changing faster and along different paths to Maria, but she feels tied to the past. She should change her relationship with Maria – they can no longer be friends. And it's no good thinking that things might have been different if... No, Julia has to face facts as they are. But she needn't cut Maria off completely: she can perhaps find another place for her in her life. However, some friendships which have been very close can't survive this kind of adjustment.

This is a sad case of one boy growing up and the other remaining childish. It can't have been easy for Christian: he is obviously jealous of Mario's new friends and feels left out, so he attacks Mario because he is hurt. But he is ruining what could have remained a good – if different – friendship. It's no one's fault that Mario has gone to college and made new friends. With a different attitude on Christian's part – and Mario has shown he wants to keep Christian as his friend – this needn't have happened.


ACTIVITY 262: Finally, for questions 1-to-4, choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the psychologist's opinion. Then check your answers.


The psychologist comments that ...


A.    Julia feels worse than Maria.
B.    Maria feels worse than Julia.
C.    both friends feel bad.
  neither friend feels bad.


What does the psychologist recommend Julia to do?


A.    Drop Maria as a friend.
B.    Wait for Maria to change.
C.    Try to keep things as they were.
  Accept that things must change.


According to the psychologist, why has Mario and Christian's friendship ended?


A.    Mario had got tired of Christian.
B.    Christian was upset when Mario went away.
C.    Mario grew up too fast.
  Christian decided he didn't like Mario.


The psychologist thinks that if Christian had behaved differently ...


A.    he wouldn't have stayed friends with Mario.
B.    he might have made a new group of friends.
C.    Mario would have found it easier to be his friend.
  Mario would have been more to blame for the situation.

Interesantes las opiniones de esta psicóloga !!!
En la próxima página Mr. Grammar explicará la 2° parte de MODAL VERBS. Recuerda que en la Unidad 7 - Lección 27 ya has estudiado la primera parte ...


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