More and more people under sixteen are in crime. There are many possible reasons for this.


Firstly, of discipline at home and at school could be the cause. Young people often grow up without any firm idea about the difference between right and wrong, because parents are too busy working to their children. At school also, teachers cannot control large classes.


Secondly, social conditions such as poverty and drug addiction are important. In some cities, London for example, there are groups of homeless teenagers who in order to eat. In other cities, such as New York, young drug addicts commit crimes so as to be able to buy drugs.


Finally, the police may also be to . They often ignore minor crimes. Consequently, many young people feel they can  with things like theft.


In conclusion, there are many factors which have caused an in crime among young people. It is difficult to know which of them is the most responsible, or how the increase can be stopped.


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