One of the many changes which   (TAKE) place in China over the last few years is a change in television news programmes. Since the Communist party   (COME)  to power in 1949, all the media programmes   (EXIST) to promote the party's point of view.

Until a few years ago, reporters   (NOT ALLOW) to publish stories about social injustice or the mistakes of officials. But now this   (CHANGE). Today China has 780 regional TV stations, all of which   (BECOME) obsessed with the capitalist idea of attracting as many viewers as possible. Beijing TV, for example, last week  (HAVE) an audience of over 7 million when Xu Tao, their 26-year-old crime reporter,  (MANAGE) to interview a notorious rapist. Xu Tao's ability to get exciting news stories always  (IMPRESS) her station manager.

'Last year she (WIN) the title of News Reporter of the Year', he says proudly. But the work can be dangerous. Last month Xu  (MAKE)  public the actions of a group of unqualified 'doctors'. She  (GO) to their 'clinic' as a patient, using a mini-camera to photograph what  (HAPPEN)  there.

Since then she   (RECEIVE) a number of death threats. 'I  (THREATEN) many times', she says fearlessly, 'but bad must not be allowed to overcome good'.


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