A man whose sight   (RETURN) miraculously to him after 31 years is looking at a world that is stranger and more wonderful than he ever  (IMAGINE).

Mr. Alexander Fish, a well-to-do businessman,  (BE) on honeymoon when he  (STRIKE) by a falling tree. The injury  (BLIND) him by paralysing the optic nerves. For three decades he  (VISIT) specialists who  (TRY) without success to restore his sight. This week, while sitting at home listening to his wife read to him, vision suddenly  (RETURN) to his left eye. It  (BE) cloud, but strong enough to enable him to recognise objects.

'A wonderful thing (HAPPEN)!!', he exclaimed. 'I can see you again'. Mrs. Fish  (NOT BELIEVE)  him, but when her husband  (BE ABLE) to identify objects in the room, she  (FAINT)  with joy.

Despite the handicap of lost sight, Mr. Fish  (HAVE) a successful career as a teacher and businessman. It is hoped that the restoration of his sight will be lasting.


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