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Multiple-choice gap-filling

ACTIVITY 191: Read the text below and choose from the menus the suitable answer. The first alternative [ along - in - past - round ] is already done for you.

Of all the attempts to circum-navigate the globe, the tale of the Grant family's epic 7-year journey by horse-drawn caravan must be one of the most extraordinary. This is an account of how dreams can be turned into reality.


The Grant family are travelling the world by horse-drawn caravan. They have    Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia, more than 12,000 kilometres away from their starting point in Scotland. Four years ago they    their red and green wooden caravan to Holland, where they bought their first horse, Offy. The caravan is  , large enough for David, his wife, Kate, and their three children, Torcuil, Fionn and Eilidh, and    things like the children's school books. Offy    to pull them as far as France, where Traceur, a stronger horse, had to  .

Traceur can walk about 18 kilometres a day, but the    has not always turned    as the Grants planned. In Slovenia they became caught up in a civil war and the 14 days they had intended to    there became 14 months. Life in the    air has not always been easy. They have suffered    of cold (-28 °C) in Kazakhstan, and of heat in Mongolia's grasslands.

Fortunately the family have generally    in good health, although Eilidh broke her ankle in Italy and her arm in the Ukraine. Soon they will leave Ulan Bator and    for Beijing and then the Pacific  , where they will    a boat to Canada. It will be another two years before the family arrives back home.

From Scotland to Mongolia: The Grant family's route (1996)

¡¡¡ Qué maravillosa aventura !!!
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