Now, the main problem I had with the flat was the room. It was just too big, and I also didn't want to live and sleep in the same space. So I decided to divide it into two separate areas, so that I could have a bedroom.

What I did was build two diagonal walls across the room here, the first one starting from where the front door is and going across the room, , to the far wall; and the second to the first, but one and a half metres further back. Are you still with me? Yes?

Well, next I made a door at the beginning of each wall, one leading into the bedroom and one into the sitting room. Then I built a wall to the space between the two diagonal walls.

Finally, I the original door between the hall and the main room. This helped to make the hall more , as your first impression before was of a dark and very narrow . After this I took a well-earned rest and went on holiday for a week !!



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