About a year ago I moved to a new flat. It was much bigger than my old one but somehow I didn't like everything in it and so I set about some major structural . Here's a sketch which should help make clear to you how I converted it to its present state.

Originally, when you came in at the front door here, there was a door to the right which led to a very large room, about metres long and four metres wide. Straight ahead of you was -and still is, I haven't done anything with this part of the flat- a with two doors on the left, the first one to the airing cupboard, and the second to the and the toilet together.

That's here. Then, beyond that is the door to the kitchen. At the back of the kitchen there's a door which gives on to the balcony here, the whole of the back of the house.

It looks out on a beautiful garden, full of tall trees, and whenever I can I have my meals out there.



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