If you are planning your Christmas dinner why not have a change this year: choose not to buy turkey.
Unless you are buying free range your turkey will have grown up in a dark, smelly, overcrowded shed, having to fight for food, water and living space.
Most turkeys spend the last 6 minutes of their lives hanging upside-down on the way to the automatic knife.
If you would rather celebrate Christmas without a blood-bath choose another meal. An alternative cruelty-free recipe is on the reverse of this leaflet.

The big three fast food giants -McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Wimpy- sell more than £500 million of food a year in Britain,

But junk food junkies risk saturating their systems with fat and running short of essential fibre and vitamins if they fail to heed the warnings published by nutritionist Dr Tim Lobstein.

Nearly two ounces of fat in a halfpounder burger and up to 12 teaspoons of sugar in a large cola are just two of the facts revealed by the author in Fast Food Facts published today by the London Food Commission.

The author argues that many takeaways are a poor source of essential nutrients.

A double-burger, fries and milkshake provide half the day's total calorie needs for an average woman, but just 18 per cent of the vitamin A needed, 26 per cent of the vitamin C and 31 per cent of the iron.







Each year 40 million people die from hunger and hunger-related diseases.

This is the equivalent of more than 300 jumbo jet crashes a day with no survivors, with children as most half the passengers.

15-year-old Mike Fuster became vegetarian over a year ago.
Mike's sudden conversion took his family by surprise. While she'd been aware of his views on hunting and vivisection, his mother had usually cooked a roast lunch on Sundays which Mike had always put away with gusto. His vegetarianism called for changes in the Fuster's eating habits.
"Right from the beginning my parents accepted my views, even though I turned vegetarian so suddenly. Now my mother makes a lot more vegetarian meals than she used to, and my father has given up red meat - I've persuaded him it isn't very healthy".


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