To help improve his/her English, this student ...


listens to the radio and watches videos.

Listening to the radio. It's er ... I think it's very important, because, er if you are listening, for example, BBC World Service, er you can hear good English. And if you have trouble with ... troubles with understanding, listening to the news is very easy to sometimes to guess some words, because generally you know what's going on. And if it's possible to watch films, and with original soundtrack, it's er easy to find ... to er video tapes of such films. I think it's ... it's er watching and listening gives much more than listening because er you can observe movement and er, it er, it gives you more idea about action.


makes an effort to practise out of school.

I cannot say that, you know, I learnt everything at school. At school is ... just come .... they correct your mistakes; they teach you how to speak. But it, it, that's up to you to ... to have practice with whatever you learn at school. Go out and have a chat with people, have practice with the things that you've learnt.


sometimes speaks English with her boyfriend and her father.

I have one boyfriend, Brazilian, and maybe - not always - but er, but er sometimes we speak English, and he teach me everything that I don't know. And my er - in my house, too, I speak - I speak more Portuguese - but er sometimes I speak English, too. When I can't understand my father teach me, or my step-mother ...


tries not to be nervous about speaking English.

And I think the most important thing is don't be shy about speaking English. Why? Because if you speak a lot you can improve really your English, your practical English, and conversation, thing like that.


tries to enjoy studying English.

Without feeling enjoyment I don't think erm there is any improvement, because er learning English is not like studying mathematics, or studying science. It's, er for me it's like erm, er playing the piano, or ... I can't, I can't express very well. . .


makes an effort to use a dictionary to check the meaning of new vocabulary.

... er, about newspapers, and er radio programmes, and television programmes as well, and advertisements around. I mean, when you walk, you have to pay attention of everything you, you see around you. And er not just be lazy and, er you know, say 'I don't know this word and er I don't want to look it up in dictionary' - I mean it's useless. I mean, I think that er at the beginning it's quite tiring, because you don't know, I mean, you hardly know words and so on, but then you get used to it and er ...


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